Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Old Testament History

Miss E, 1st Grade, Epi Kardia, Unit 1

Unit 1 history is all about the Ancients.

We start our history study off with creation and then move forward from there. We did a more in depth study of creation in science, see the post here.

Our primary text for ancient history is the Bible. We used a Children's Story Bible to read abridged, although not very good, stories from the Old Testament. Mostly we read Genesis and Exodus; creation through the building of the Tabernacle. I'm not too worried about the 'overview' as we are reading a Chronological Bible Daily. As we read though the Bible we talk about where that fits into the timeline we are creating. 

I made the timeline cards and had Miss E paste them onto a timeline. I laid out the cards in a random order and we talked about the timeline. With the help of Little Man, the kids were able to piece the events together and then Miss E pasted the cards onto the long timeline. We are not concerned with dates, just the order in which events happened.


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