Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Gymnastics #6 {State Fall 2015}

The culmination of all of Miss E's hard work comes down to this one meet; the state meet of the season. There were 96 girls in her session so they split the session into three divisions of 32. Miss E held her own and did a fantastic job. She ended up with a medal for the vault, tying in 10th place and getting a personal best score. She also ended this season with a personal best score on the bars.

** I apologize that the videos are so jumpy.**

SoCal South State Championship
San Diego Convention Center
November 21, 2015
Level 3, Division 8

So, what is next?? We have a break from competitions until the spring. She will still be in the gym 10 hours a week and will be working on improving her skills. I wished that I had a way to record all the conversations that go on with her. One of the coaches shared how she can take a situation and find the positive in it. She is a natural when it comes to encouraging others. My heart is full. As a mom, I'm looking forward to seeing what this next season will bring... after this long awaited break. 


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Gymnastics #5 {Sectionals}

This girl...

qualified for State at the sectionals meet. She had her best meet of the season!!

Our gym ended up competing in Torrance, CA. Torrance is over 100 miles north of us. I will say it is in LA but people who knew the area will disagree with me. We made really good time getting up there; it took just under 2 hours. The trip home was a little bit longer.

Miss E was the only girl from our gym competing in her session. One of her teammates decided to make the meet extra special and gave Miss E a teddy bear with a sweet little note. This teammate was able to sit with us as we cheered Miss E on and then we brought her home. This momma's heart was filled to see the love these two have for each other.

Saturday, November 7, 1015
West Sectional Championship, Studio West Gymnastics, Torrance

Due to the placement of the vault and where we are seated, I didn't get video of her vault this time.
She got a 9.025, which made her extremely happy. This is the second time she scored a 9 on the vault.

This routine was not her highest scoring routine of the season, but it reflects a lot of hard work over the past few weeks. Her score improved over 5 tenths of a point from the last two meets.

Beam (PR)
Unfortunately the camera ran out of memory and I only got the beginning of her routine.
Of course this would be the time she received her highest score.

Floor (PR)
This is her best scoring floor routine of the season.

To advance to the state meet she need an All Around score of 32.000; she scored 34.275!!

The last meet of this season is State. The state meet is the culmination of all the hard work she has put in this season. She will be competing solo again with over 90 other girls in her session. Stay tuned for updates...

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Gymnastics #4 {Spooktacular}

Sunday, October 18, 1015
Spooktacular, Cameron Family YMCA, Santee

This was Miss E's third preliminary meet. This was a pretty good meet for her. Overall she finished right in the middle of the pack as far as scores go. She was pretty happy.

Vault #1

Vault #2




The next meet is sectionals. To qualify to compete at the sectionals meet, the gymnast has to have a minimum all around score at one of the preliminary meets. Miss E qualified at all of her meets!!


Friday, October 16, 2015

Gymnastics #3 {Tricks 4 Treats}

I feel like I need a mommy confession. I had a bad week prior to this meet. I was very emotional and distracted and I firmly believe it rubbed off. Miss E will say that the decorations for Halloween messed her up. Who really knows. We all know that you have good days and bad days; good meets and not so good meets. This meet was really rough. It is all apart of the process so we take it, we learn, and we move on. 

Sunday, October 4, 1015
Tricks 4 Treats, Oceanside Gymnastics

Vault #1

Vault #2




Next meet is 10/18. It is another early one, about 45 minutes from home. I'm expecting great things...

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Gymnastics #2 {South Section 2nd Prelim}

We started our morning super early for this meet. We had to leave the house at 6:30am to be in Chula Vista (East Lake) by 8:00am. I don't really like the early morning and we had fog. The fog was so thick near the gym that it was hard to see stop lights. Let me just say I'm not a fan of fog in areas I'm unfamiliar.

We made it to the gym and found out that Miss E would be competing by herself. She is the only 8 year old competing Level 3 on our team. One of the other girls showed up at the wrong time (long story) and decided to forfeit getting ribbons to compete with Miss E. She was so sweet in saying that all she wanted to do was gymnastics and the ribbons/medals didn't matter.

This turned out to be Miss E's best meet. She raised her overall score by over a point from the Judge's Cup and had two PRs!! Overall she finished 12 out of 25.

Sunday, Sept 27, 1015
South Section 2nd Prelim, Chula Vista YMCA

 No video of the vault. I turned the camera the wrong way...

Bars (PR)




Fun With Literature {Chocolate Touch}

Miss E read The Chocolate Touch as part of her Literature/Vocabulary lessons. 

She imagined what it would be like to have a magic touch. If she could have a magic touch she would want it to be chocolate, too. We worked together on a little writing assignment.

I also found a novel study from teacherspayteacher. For a novel study I thought this was pretty good. It was a little bit challenging for Miss E, but we had good discussions after every chapter.

Our FUN activity was to make chocolate bars.

Chocolate Rainbow

Ingredients: chocolate, fun marshmallows, rainbow star sprinkles.

For the chocolate bar we just melted about 1 cup of mini chocolate chips in the double broiler. I laid out some wax paper in a small Tupperware container in which Miss E put in a few marshmallows. I then poured the hot chocolate over the top and then she added more marshmallows and sprinkles. She was not patient enough to let the chocolate cool before she started digging into her creation. This was the best part of both kids' week.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Fun Happenings {overdue update}

Here is what has been happening in the life of Domicile Lessons...

In March we became a family of 5!! The big kids were so excited to meet their little brother. We've continued the Biblical E theme with names so now we are 5 Es strong.


Here are a few recent pictures.

In July Miss E took a huge step in her gymnastics career and is now on Team!! {Her first competition} She was a little hesitant, as was her momma, in this next phase of life. I'm super excited for her. She participated in a two day clinic of intense gymnastics with a sleep over. I checked in on her a couple of times since I dropped her off and she seems to be doing well. The night was a little rough but she toughened up and stayed with her friends. Clinic ended with "The Really Big Show" that the girls worked hard on all weekend. It was pretty cute!!

On August 8, Little Man took a huge step in his walk with the Lord; he got baptized!! This momma's heart was about to explode and water leaks from my eyes anytime we talk about it. Back in February the story taught in his class at church was about having your name written in the Book of Life. He came home and asked if we would pray that his name would be written in the Book of Life. We told him that it was not a prayer we could pray, but we shared with him how to get his name written there. That night he accepted the Lord!! In July during our daily Bible reading we read the story about Philip and the Eunuch from Acts. If you don't know the story, Philip is helping the Eunuch understand what he was reading and then baptizes him. Little Man said when we were done that he was ready to be baptized, too. When asked why he wants to be baptized he says so he can show people he believes in Jesus!!

Homeschooling is still going strong. I slowed our schedule down a lot through the summer. We never really took a total break. I'm ready to hit the fall hard and get into our new routine. With Miss E's gymnastics at 10 hours a week, my work at our church, Little Man's endless energy and the baby things are going to be interesting... stay tuned there may be an update soon.

Thanks for reading.


Gymnastics #1 {Judge's Cup}

Miss E's first team meet with Cal Gold.

Sunday, Aug 30, 1015
Judge's Cup at Palomar YMCA

First Event: Vault (PR)

She tied for 8th place and received a medal!

Second Event: Bars

Third Event: Beam

Fourth Event: Floor

This is the event we were all a little bit nervous about. She just mastered her round off back hand-spring and had to do it without a spot for competition. She nailed it!!


One of many meets under her belt!!