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Desert Habitat

Miss E, 1st Grade, Epi Kardia, Unit 1

Ancient Egypt, Joseph, Moses and the Exodus, The Nile River... all of this leads up to DESERTS!
To see our history activities around Ancient Egypt, click here.

One of the kids' favorite sites is brainpopjr.com. They love learning with Moby. I also get excited when there is a video on one of the topics we are discussing because I can utilize their worksheets and quizzes. I say that I'm lazy, but really I think it comes down to not reinventing the wheel so to speak.

I logged into the brainpopjr and let both kids watch the science video on desert habitats. I wanted Miss E to do both the quiz and the activity from the desert section. She was able to do the quiz by herself while I printed off the worksheet activity. Miss E labeled and colored the desert animals and plants. Little Man (pre-k) just colored the picture.

She still thinks animals need to be colored like a rainbow.

We took two days and made a desert mural with paint. The first day I had Miss E paint only the vegetation that would be found in the desert. We read the book Storm on the Desert and we discussed the types of plants would be found in the dessert based on the book.

The second day she added the animals after discussing desert animals from our book.

I purchased a Desert Biodome. I thought it would be fun for both of the kids to watch different cacti and succulents grow. They had fun making their little biodome. Now we watch and wait for our plants to grow.

**Update: We are more than a week into our biodome and we have not seen anything sprout. I don't know if it is user error or if our window just is not hot enough. Maybe it is not a good idea to start a biodome the end of September. We'll keep an eye on it and keep you posted.


Ancient Egypt

Miss E, 1st Grade, Epi Kardia, Unit 1

Joseph, Moses, The Nile River, Africa, the Exodus, Deserts...ANCIENT EGYPT!
To see our science study on Deserts, click here.

This section of the study of the ancients was full of exciting things. We first read of the story of Joseph and how he saved the Egyptians and his family during the famines. We then read about Moses and how he saved the Israelites from the oppression in Egypt. Thrown in there we also read about King Tut, Mummies, and a fun story about the Nile River.

Modern Rhymes About Ancient Times: Ancient Egypt is a pretty cool book about all things Egypt. One of the rhymes is all about the hieroglyphics. Miss E recreated the hieroglyphics from that page.

BrainPopJr also has a unit on Ancient Egypt. I had both kids watch the video and I had Miss E take the quiz after the video. I also printed off the activity and her decipher the hieroglyphics.



Miss E, 1st grade, Epi Kardia, Unit 1
Little Man, Pre-K, God's Little Explorers, Week 2

Picture from from Google Images
"In the beginning God..." Creation is probably my favorite science subject. I love how we start our year off focused on our Lord as creator God.

1st Grade

We read the Biblical account of Creation from the Bible and a book called Song of Creation by Paul Goble. I have a children's story Bible, but it is terrible when it comes to the Creation story. I was disappointed, so we read Genesis 1:1 - 2:3 straight from the Bible. Miss E made a lapbook on creation, her first big project.

We took our time putting the lapbook together. We read the account of each day, Miss E memorized a sentence in regard to what was created that day, and then made a mini book to represent the day with her own picture. On the inside of the mini book is a verse that corresponds with that day.

Here is the completed lapbook.

The sentences she has memorized about each day of creation.
Day 1 - God created day and night.
Day 2 - God created the sky, land and sea.
Day 3 - God created plants and trees.
Day 4 - God created the sun, moon, stars and seasons.
Day 5 - God created birds and fish.
Day 6 - God created animals and man.
Day 7 - God rested. 

Her completed timeline of creation.


In Little Man's curriculum there is a lot more going on with week 2 than just creation. I'm just highlighting the creation part here.

Both kids created a sticky book on creation. Like I did with Miss E, we read from the Bible the account of creation and then they made their book pages themselves.

(Pictures to come)

For Fun

With the help of a friend, I found this site. I used her creation printable to make magnets and we retold the creation story on our magnetic board. Miss E used her memorized sentences and Little Man used his own words to retell the story.



Old Testament History

Miss E, 1st Grade, Epi Kardia, Unit 1

Unit 1 history is all about the Ancients.

We start our history study off with creation and then move forward from there. We did a more in depth study of creation in science, see the post here.

Our primary text for ancient history is the Bible. We used a Children's Story Bible to read abridged, although not very good, stories from the Old Testament. Mostly we read Genesis and Exodus; creation through the building of the Tabernacle. I'm not too worried about the 'overview' as we are reading a Chronological Bible Daily. As we read though the Bible we talk about where that fits into the timeline we are creating. 

I made the timeline cards and had Miss E paste them onto a timeline. I laid out the cards in a random order and we talked about the timeline. With the help of Little Man, the kids were able to piece the events together and then Miss E pasted the cards onto the long timeline. We are not concerned with dates, just the order in which events happened.


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom {Virtual Book Club}

This month for the Virtual Book Club we read books by Bill Martin Jr. With the start of our school year I did a little bit of research to find a book that would work with what we are already learning.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is a fun book to read. We have read through the book several times. The book that I bought also has a CD with Ray Charles preforming the story. The kids love to listen to him tell the story, too. We listened to the CD version several times.

This year for Little Man (pre-k) we will be focusing on new letters each week. Here are a few letter inspired activities that we have done.

Puffy Paint Letter Tracing 
(to make homemade puffy paint, click here.)
I printed off some outlined lowercase letters for Little Man to trace or decorate with puffy paint. He starts tracing the letters and then fills the page with paint. Not a picture I can display but it is fun for him none the less.

Magnet Coconut Tree
I made my own coconut tree with construction paper, laminated it, and then added magnets. I have a huge magnetic oil pan I purchased from Wal-Mart. I pulled out our lowercase magnet letters and had Little Man decorate our tree. I left the tree and letter up on our board for several days and both kids have come by retelling the story on their own.

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**This post is a part of the Bill Martin, Jr. Virtual Book Club. You can see more fun here.