Sunday, January 29, 2017


West Coast Team Challenge 2017

When you get the list of meets before the season starts and you see there are two meets in which traveling will be required you experience a little bit, or a lot of, trepidation. The cost of just the meets is high and then you have to add travel, food, hotel, etc. it can be a little bit overwhelming. Bakersfield is several hours away from us to the north and although we could have done the meet in one day, we decided to take two.

This meet was a blast! It was loud! It was fun! It was an experience that I wished we had more often at our meets. As parents we took 2nd place for parent spirit. Being that we only had 5 families and the team that took 1st had at least 3 times as many people, we were pretty proud of ourselves.

Little Man is competing Level 4 in a division that offers bonuses. Bonuses are just extra skills that are added into the routine. There are 10 bonuses and he executes 7 of them. Vault is the only event that does not have a bonus at level 4. 

Here is the breakdown for the ribbons:
Green = Superior
Purple = Outstanding
Yellow = Excellent
Orange = Good
White = Fair

Our next meet is in Las Vegas!!