Sunday, December 11, 2016

Boys Gymnastics {1st Prelim}

Welcome to the world of boys gymnastics!!

Little Man is enjoying himself and is learning a lot. Boys gymnastics is quite a bit different from girls. The events, scoring, and the way meets are run is quite a bit different from what I'm used to with Miss E. I will admit that it is fun to see another side of this sport.

Little Man is competing Level 4 Division 2 right now. His goal is to be competing Level 4 Division 1 by the end of the seaons. The difference in divisions hings on certain skills which are called bonus in scoring. I'm still too new at all of this to completely understand what is going on. His meets right now are scored with colors instead of numbers. The following is the break down.

He did a great job at his meet. You can tell me if you think he had fun.

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