Sunday, July 1, 2012

Getting Organized

I would love to say that I'm a very organized person. Actually, when I take those funny personality tests, I am very task oriented, however I'm also the first born so I have to do things to perfection the first time. This means that I get overwhelmed and then quit, or I don't even try. What is the point if I'm not going to complete a task to completion??

Now I know you are scared and you are thinking, wait a minute, she is going to home school??? Yup, I'm going to home school and my first lesson is going to be a lesson in grace!!

Okay, so I have yet to get all of my curriculum ordered but I did sit down with the stuff I have in my hot little hand and started making a plan. I made a couple of calendars in publisher. One would be classified as a yearly calendar and the other is monthly. My plan is to keep track of everything on these two calendars.
I penciled in what units we are going to do and when. We are starting school on Aug 27, officially. However we are going to take the Biblical Holidays and do one a month. So we will start with learning about the Sabbath in August, The Feast of Tabernacles will follow in September, etc. I decided that since we are doing Classical Conversations on our own and it is only 24 weeks, we will start it the beginning of September. I'm hoping that I'm giving myself plenty of time to ease into everything without being completely overwhelmed.

Notice that I said I 'penciled in' the units we are gong to cover and when. The awesome thing about home schooling is that there is flexibility. I'm going to leave things fluid as much as I can but I also know that for me and Miss E, structure is going to be needed. At least having a plan for when a unit will be taught will give me the motivation to see it to completion. This will also help me to find those little 'extra' things that will make learning fun and enriched.

I do not want to wish away our summer, but the more I start 'getting ready' for school to start the more excited I get.

Next on the agenda is getting everything ordered. Why is it so hard to push the submit order button?!?