Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Desert Habitat

Miss E, 1st Grade, Epi Kardia, Unit 1

Ancient Egypt, Joseph, Moses and the Exodus, The Nile River... all of this leads up to DESERTS!
To see our history activities around Ancient Egypt, click here.

One of the kids' favorite sites is brainpopjr.com. They love learning with Moby. I also get excited when there is a video on one of the topics we are discussing because I can utilize their worksheets and quizzes. I say that I'm lazy, but really I think it comes down to not reinventing the wheel so to speak.

I logged into the brainpopjr and let both kids watch the science video on desert habitats. I wanted Miss E to do both the quiz and the activity from the desert section. She was able to do the quiz by herself while I printed off the worksheet activity. Miss E labeled and colored the desert animals and plants. Little Man (pre-k) just colored the picture.

She still thinks animals need to be colored like a rainbow.

We took two days and made a desert mural with paint. The first day I had Miss E paint only the vegetation that would be found in the desert. We read the book Storm on the Desert and we discussed the types of plants would be found in the dessert based on the book.

The second day she added the animals after discussing desert animals from our book.

I purchased a Desert Biodome. I thought it would be fun for both of the kids to watch different cacti and succulents grow. They had fun making their little biodome. Now we watch and wait for our plants to grow.

**Update: We are more than a week into our biodome and we have not seen anything sprout. I don't know if it is user error or if our window just is not hot enough. Maybe it is not a good idea to start a biodome the end of September. We'll keep an eye on it and keep you posted.


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