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Miss E, 1st grade, Epi Kardia, Unit 1
Little Man, Pre-K, God's Little Explorers, Week 2

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"In the beginning God..." Creation is probably my favorite science subject. I love how we start our year off focused on our Lord as creator God.

1st Grade

We read the Biblical account of Creation from the Bible and a book called Song of Creation by Paul Goble. I have a children's story Bible, but it is terrible when it comes to the Creation story. I was disappointed, so we read Genesis 1:1 - 2:3 straight from the Bible. Miss E made a lapbook on creation, her first big project.

We took our time putting the lapbook together. We read the account of each day, Miss E memorized a sentence in regard to what was created that day, and then made a mini book to represent the day with her own picture. On the inside of the mini book is a verse that corresponds with that day.

Here is the completed lapbook.

The sentences she has memorized about each day of creation.
Day 1 - God created day and night.
Day 2 - God created the sky, land and sea.
Day 3 - God created plants and trees.
Day 4 - God created the sun, moon, stars and seasons.
Day 5 - God created birds and fish.
Day 6 - God created animals and man.
Day 7 - God rested. 

Her completed timeline of creation.


In Little Man's curriculum there is a lot more going on with week 2 than just creation. I'm just highlighting the creation part here.

Both kids created a sticky book on creation. Like I did with Miss E, we read from the Bible the account of creation and then they made their book pages themselves.

(Pictures to come)

For Fun

With the help of a friend, I found this site. I used her creation printable to make magnets and we retold the creation story on our magnetic board. Miss E used her memorized sentences and Little Man used his own words to retell the story.



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