Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Break?? Nope, not here!!

As everyone else is wrapping up their 'school year' we are still going strong. There are several reasons for this. One would be that our kindergarten curriculum is 45 weeks, I'm not 'behind' I just didn't realize that we had about 9 more weeks than most schools. Not a problem!! We are just going to continue with our schedule though the summer. Two, I ordered our first grade curriculum and there is going to be a huge jump in time commitment. I don't want to go into shock come September because of the work load. So, doing a little bit of school everyday through the summer will keep us in good practice. Three, it is not like we sit at our table for 8 hours a day doing school. An hour to an hour and a half isn't hurting our summer play time at all.

In fact we have BIG plans. We are going to the beach several times this summer, we are going to enjoy the summer nights at Sea World, we are taking a tram ride, and will probably fit in a ferry ride to Coronado. The plan is to do one big thing each week this summer. I'll try to update the blog with our adventures!!


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