Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ancient Egypt

Miss E, 1st Grade, Epi Kardia, Unit 1

Joseph, Moses, The Nile River, Africa, the Exodus, Deserts...ANCIENT EGYPT!
To see our science study on Deserts, click here.

This section of the study of the ancients was full of exciting things. We first read of the story of Joseph and how he saved the Egyptians and his family during the famines. We then read about Moses and how he saved the Israelites from the oppression in Egypt. Thrown in there we also read about King Tut, Mummies, and a fun story about the Nile River.

Modern Rhymes About Ancient Times: Ancient Egypt is a pretty cool book about all things Egypt. One of the rhymes is all about the hieroglyphics. Miss E recreated the hieroglyphics from that page.

BrainPopJr also has a unit on Ancient Egypt. I had both kids watch the video and I had Miss E take the quiz after the video. I also printed off the activity and her decipher the hieroglyphics.


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