Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Socialization...classroom experience...break for mom...BSF

Today is the first day of C'lectives for the big kids. What are C'lectives? They are classes that are offered by our Charter School. Some of the classes are core classes while others are more elective or enrichment in nature. Why are my kids in C'lectives? This question is always funny to me. I get asked and then people give me their replies. I've heard, oh, you have them in these classes so they get socialization; oh, you want them to have that classroom experience... the honest, real answer is that I am a BSF lifer.

Now, what is BSF?? BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) is a wonderful Bible Study that I've participated in for over 10 years. On Tuesday mornings, Buddy E and I will be at our local BSF class. BSF has a wonderful, the BEST, children's program. The only problem is that there is only room for children from birth to Kindergarten. The big kids are too old to join Buddy E and I. So, what is a mom to do? I could ask for help from Daddy. Daddy could stay home with the big kids on Tuesday mornings and then go into work late, then he works late, and then Wednesday he tries to get back in the groove and then, and then, and then... you get the idea. For the past three years this is how we have tried to make Tuesday mornings work and it just didn't work. So, I found some classes for the kids to take. More on that in a minute. What is a BSF lifer? A person who will stick around BSF as long as they are welcome. As long as I have a child under the age of 6, I'll be at BSF Tuesday mornings, Lord willing. Then after the kids outgrow the preschool program, Lord willing, I'll move to the evening class which has a school age program. Side note: Eric takes the big kids to BSF on Monday nights. He is in a men's class which has the school age program. It is the BEST!! Let me know if you are interested in BSF and I'll get you some info.

Back to C'lectives. The big kids are taking a full day of classes on Tuesdays this year. They both woke up really excited this morning. I hope the excitement lasts at least through December. Miss E is taking PE, Art, Primary Writing, and Spanish. Little Man is taking Spanish, Art, PE, and Computers. I'm losing a day of instruction, but Tuesdays will be an important day for us.

Upon picking the kids up this afternoon everyone was pretty happy. Miss E is not excited about her Primary Writing class, but writing is something we need to work on so she will need to get over it. Next week in PE the kids get to go swimming so they are looking forward to C'lectives next week.

What are you adding to your week to help with instruction or give a creative outlet?


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