Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Changes Better Called New Opportunities

Changes... sometimes they are hard and sometimes they are just a part of life; sometimes they bring anxiety and sometimes they bring excitement. There are times in life when people come and go. Our recent experiences with 'see-ya's' are to people who have had a great impact on our lives who are moving on to better opportunities. The most recent 'see-ya' has helped me to see the Lord open doors to new opportunities for one of the kiddos.

This guy has been doing gymnastics since he was 3 1/2. He started a little bit younger than his sister, but he showed great skills early on. Due to schedule conflicts he was never able to 'move up' in the program. At roughly 5 1/2, the boys coach invited him to join the 'big kid' class. Technically you are not supposed to join the 'big kids' class until you are 6. It did not take long for everyone to see that he had skills beyond the beginner class and we moved him to the intermediate/advanced class. During this same time, talk was going on about starting a boys team at our gym. 2 years have passes since the beginning of those discussions and there is still no movement in that direction. I've had many talks with Little Man and he would love to compete and be a part of a team like Miss E. So, we are taking him out of our current gym and moving him to a gym with an established boys program. 

I took Little Man over to a gym to 'try out' and he was invited on the spot to join their team. We've got a few more steps to take before he is officially a part of that team, but I am seeing the Lord moving us in this direction. It is an exciting time for this guy!!

Miss E will stay where she is. I will become a literal taxi. Schedules are going to be crazy for awhile, but I'm excited to see the growth in both kids. 


Update #1: The first 'try-out' class went really well. The coach was impressed with Little Man's strength and skills. He was really tired and didn't have too much to say. We will do one more class in a couple of weeks before we make our final decision on what to do.

Update #2: Our second 'try-out' went really well. The new coach actually said that they would like Little Man to compete in their in house meet the end of July. I said thanks but we would not be able to. This is going to be a great move for him. August 1st, he will become a part of a team and will be a boy's level 4!!

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