Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Start of Year Number Two

Today, August 28, 2013 is the official start of our second year of home schooling.

My 1st grader - EpiKardia 1

My Pre-Ker - God's Little Explorer
**To see more about our curriculum choices, see my post here
We started our day with Bible and prayer.

We did our calendar notebook. This is going to be a work in progress for the next few days if not weeks. Once I get our routine nailed down, I'll post more details. Right now we are just filing out a calendar with the correct date. We are also counting the number of days we are in school and are making that number with coin money.

Miss E and I did math while Little Man decorated the cover page to his ABC binder.

I had Miss E take a break from her stuff and we read Going on a Bear Hunt, which comes from Little Man's Pre-K. This morning before the kids woke up, I took our Children's Story Bible and wrapped it in paper. I hid it along with a few school supplies around the house. After we read the Bear Hunt book, I told the kids that I had hidden school supplies around the house and that they were going on a treasure hunt. The 'treasures' were hidden in draws and cabinets with an 'x'; 'x' marks the spot!! They had fun looking around the house for the 'x' and brought what they found to the table. Together they opened the special treasure and we talked about how the Bible IS a treasure book and how important it is going to be to our school day. 

While the kids had a little snack, I read a couple of stories from the Children's Bible. We then defined 'science' and talked about some science vocabulary words. 

The kids were ready for another break, so I had them make their very own binoculars. They had a lot of fun with stickers!

Miss E and I wrapped up her day with our memory verse, spelling words, and copy work.

We took roughly 3 hours this morning. Not too bad for putting more into our day that we are used to. Little Man did well with his stuff which made me happy and Miss E is a pro!! We made it through without tears which is always good in my book!!

I can't wait to see how everything meshes together and to watch them learn.


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