Friday, April 5, 2013

Betsy Ross and Old Glory

During our Revolutionary War Unit we read two books about Betsy Ross and The American Flag; Betsy Ross by Alexandra Wallner and Red, White, and Blue by John Herman. I learned several things while reading these two little books. Proof that homeschooing parents also learn a ton when they teach their kids.

I found a worksheet online about Besty Ross that Miss E and I filled out together after reading Betsy Ross. When I first found and printed off the worksheet I didn't think it was going to be too hard for her, but once we started filling in the blanks, I found out differently. She knew the answers, she remembered that Betsy Ross was born in Pennsylvania, that George Washington came to her to make a flag, etc... but physically writing the answers was too much for her. As I write this, I'm asking her to tell me about Betsy Ross and orally she can tell me the highlights from the book. She just told me that she is always telling me about Betsy. Funny girl!!

We did do a couple of crafts related to the American Flag...
Miss E made a five point start, just like Ross's. With prompting she folded a square of paper as our directions dictated and made the one cut. She then decorated it.

Later in the week we read Red, White, and Blue. Both Miss E and Little Man made their version of the American Flag. The 50 stars were a little too much for Little Man. Miss E ended up helping him at the end. Other than the love of glue, they did a great job. 

I tore some white paper into 12 strips for the white stripes and I cut the square of blue for the stars. The kids assembled their flags with very little instruction. They say the Pledge of Allegiance every week at our Bible study so they know what the flag looks like. I was impressed that they both left red at the top and at the bottom. Each flag has 50 stars, they are just not in any particular pattern.


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