Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Week 5 - The Librarian Who Measured The Earth

Bible: Exodus 3-14, memory Psalm 56:3
Classical Conversations Memory Work - We turned a corner in our memory work in finding the timeline song on one of the CDs I ordered. Both kids love it and I've found myself humming the tune.

We finished Chapter 2 in our math curriculum. Miss E is good at recognizing and writing numbers 1-5. She is also good at reading picture graphs.

Phonics this week went really well. We reviewed all the letter sounds that we have learned so far and she did some more rainbow writing. Miss E read the next Bob Book, Sam. Miss E and Little Man learned 'O', too. We went to the zoo on Friday and I told her that to count our day as a school day she needed to read to me. I pulled out both Mat and Sam, at first she was a little mad that I brought the books with me, but then she read them both. We also turned a corner this week with our Lexia program. She finished the first module which dealt with word endings and rhyming sounds that she hated and started a new module that deals with letter sounds and blends. She is liking it so much better that she has been asking to work on Lexia. I'm loving the turn around. I know that things will change again, but I'm going to ride this as long as possible.

History and Science we connected this week with us reading The Librarian Who Measured the Earth. Our curriculum had us look at the globe at Libya, Greece, and Egypt. We also talked about ants, scrolls, and dictionaries. We ran out of time this week, so early next week we are going to talk about circumference. Eratosthenes is credited to have completed the first geography book of the world and his measurement of the earth's circumference is fairly accurate.

This is Miss E's scroll. Translation at the bottom.
When we were at the zoo we looked at the cutter ants. We were fascinated at watching them carry parts of leaves through their 'home'. I found a diagram of an ant and had Miss E do some copy work with naming the different parts of an ant. I found a Children's Dictionary in my collection of books. We talked about what dictionaries are for. Miss E loves looking at the words and pictures. I think we will be using the Dictionary a lot in the future.

We've been reading a lot of different poetry. This week all the poems were from The Aesop for Children. We've also been looking at different pictures from A Child's Book of Art.

The highlight of our week was our trip to the zoo!! This week the zoo was celebrating reptiles and since we studied reptiles a couple of weeks ago I thought it would be fun to see some real reptiles. We had a lot of fun trying to find the reptiles that were 'hiding'.


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