Thursday, June 15, 2017

Finishing the Winter Season

Conference Championships


Level 4 State Championship

Little Man finished his first competitive gymnastics season strong. We did have a few learning moments in his last two meets though. One very important skill for men's gymnastics is counting. When you do more swings on the rings or high bar or more turns on the mushroom than is required your score will get dinged pretty heavily. He lost two ribbon colors with these mistakes. He took everything in stride, his coach was disappointed, I said live and learn, other parents were really upset that the extra 'effort' was not rewarded **big smiley face**. Now that everything is settled from the season, we move on. Little Man leveled up, he will be doing level 5 this next season with bonuses!!

Green = Superior
Purple = Outstanding
Yellow = Excellent
Orange = Good
White = Fair

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