Thursday, January 7, 2016

4 years at the YMCA

Facebook has an 'on this day' reminder and I was looking at my past memories from January 7.

4 years ago we joined the YMCA. Miss E was 4 1/2(ish) and Little Man was 2 1/2. Neither kid was in any kind of organized sport, but both kids were highly active. I remember walking through the YMCA and looking at the child watch place. Back then it was located in the gym. Someone told us that we could do one gymnastics class for FREE. Who would have ever guessed where that one class would lead us...

 January 2012

 This is the first gymnastic picture I could find, dated August 2012.
Miss E was 5 and in Super Tots.
Super Tots is a 'by invitation class only'.

Fast forward 3 1/2 years and Miss E is competing Level 3.
Here she is before her first meet, August 2015.
She promoted to Team in July 2015.

Wow!! In 4 years we started gymnastics and then progressed to team. Today, January 7, 2016 Miss E is starting her second season as a Level 3 competitive gymnast. I'm not sure how long we will ride this train, but I did say all those years ago that we would ride this as long as she wanted. I'm really proud of her and how much she has grown both in her ability and as a little person.


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