Tuesday, July 29, 2014

End of July Already?!?!

Well, 'Summer' is flying by. I seem to remember that May took what seemed like forever for us. The month just kept going and going. June went by in a snap and now we are at the end of July. We do not take summer vacation per se. We did go to Colorado for 8 days the beginning of July and that was our vacation. Not really a vacation but that is another story for another time. Now we are getting ready to get fall into full swing!!

I am changing up our curricula this year. When I started this homeschool journey two years ago, I was looking for a great curricula, that I would love, that would come wrapped up in a pretty box that would be delivered to my door. For me, nothing like that exists. So, this year I'm eclectic and I have never been more excited about what I'm going to teach. I will admit, I'm a little overwhelmed with all the teaching manuals and I can't seem to create a spreadsheet that I love, but I still have a couple of weeks to get everything ironed out.

Miss E is starting 2nd grade and Little Man is kindergarten. We've been working a little bit since our trip and things are going to be interesting this year. Miss E yells at Little Man to be quiet while she works on her work. She is easily distracted. We are going to have to overcome that and quick. Little Man usually goes with the flow, but he is starting to become a distraction when his work is done. There is a huge gap in the amount of work they will both be doing, juggling time will be my little dance until everything evens out.

Our Curricula Choices
History (Both Kids): Beautiful Feet Books, Early American History
Science (Both Kids): Sassafras Science, Zoology
Math (Both Kids): Singapore Math, Earlybird and 2
Language Arts (Both Kids): LIFEPAC, K and 2
Supplemental Vocabulary (Both Kids): Wordly Wise 3000, K and 2
Supplemental Phonics (Both Kids): Explode the Code, A B C and 3 4
Supplemental Penmanship (Both Kids): Zaner-Bloser K and 2 

I also have a few online programs to sprinkle in technology

This promises to be a full year. I think it will be fun, too; and very busy!! I hope to update again before we start 1st and 3rd grade but I will not hold my breath.


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